Friday, March 26, 2010

17 weeks

Not much to update on the baby front here....I definitely have a belly, though.

Hopefully it gets a little rounder and less...fat looking soon. I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and all sounded good - hearing the heartbeat is always amazing, and insanely, I was actually able to feel my uterus about an inch below my belly button after the midwife pointed it out. That's just weird. It's like...I don't know what it's like. It's like I'm growing a human or something. In a space that wasn't there before.

Chris and I have kind of started talking about names. Boy names are going to be a challenge. Chris really likes Riley, but that might just be because, oh, I don't know...he's used to the name since it's OUR DOG'S NAME ALREADY. Yeah, that is *not* going on the list. He's not a fan of my top boy names - Caleb, Cale, Colby, Levi, Rhys, Ryder. For girls we both like Annika, which I love because it'd honor both my mom Ann and his sister Ana. Plus, it's cute with lots of nickname potential. I also love Alice Anna (YES THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER), Annelise, Anneli, Briony, Ellery, and Elodie. It will be interesting to see if we stay settled on Annika. I won't say it's my FAVORITE off the list, but it's one of them.

The next big thing now is Friday, April 16, when we find out if we even need to worry about boy's names, or if it's a little Annika Bananika cooking away in there. After that, it's Aruba on April 23 and then the next milestone is May 14, which will be viability day (meaning that if, god forbid, the baby should be born that day there's a good chance for survival). That's only 24 weeks...can you believe a baby born at 24 weeks can survive? Insanity. Yet they still haven't figured out a good male birth control...hmmm.

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  1. YAY!!! Love me some Lara belly. ;) I still think a good strong Irish name like...oh, I dunno...Darbi??? would be WONDERFUL. Darbi Hanlon. I'm not kidding. But don't worry, I wouldn't feel weird about it either. So go ahead. Use it. Use it and love it!!