Saturday, January 1, 2011

And time goes on. And so does procreating, apparently.

As some of you guessed, the reason I stopped blogging over here so often was because I'm pregnant again. We're due July 11 and I'll be 13 weeks on Monday.  I didn't post anything here because there are family and friends who read this blog, and I wasn't out yet. Well, as much as I'd like to keep it completely secret from EVERYONE until I'm actually given a real, live baby to take home, we made the announcement to family and friends over Christmas and New Year's.  I also didn't post because when I was deep in the throes of grief, it seemed like every time I found a new loss blog to follow and fall in love with, the writer found out she was pregnant. Which was great for her, but holy shit painful for me.  I was SO not there there were a lot of blogs that I followed and then immediately unfollowed.  Well, now I'm one of those writers. I won't be writing about my new pregnancy on this blog - this is Caleb's blog - but if you are so inclined you can follow the progress of this little one at Baby H, Take Two.  Some day I might make a new blog and combine them all into one epic site, but...well, let's be real. I won't. Far too lazy for that.

Anyway, I hope that I haven't caused anyone too much pain by posting this, and maybe (just maybe) even provided someone suffering a loss a little bit of hope.  This will be the only post about a current pregnancy here, I promise.

Fingers crossed our 2011 baby has a better outcome than our 2010 did.


  1. Congrats Lara. Very excited for you. My blog was started for infertility reasons, turned into a pregnancy blog, then to a loss blog, then to the struggles for attempting for take number 2. I am excited to follow your new journey, and hopeful for your future. Your blog is so real, and you are so blunt, putting it out there for all to see what you are really feeling. Thank you for that. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a take home baby.

  2. Congratulations again sweetie!

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I worried about hurting baby loss Mom's when I was pregnant again and also started a new blog 9for that reason and also because my first blog was Jacob's space). When we lost that baby at 10 weeks, I stopped updating the new blog as much. Sometimes it is hard to know which one to update though...where is the grief coming from, which baby, etc.

    I love the title for your new blog. If/when I get pregnant again, I'll start following that blog. Until then, it is probably better if I stay away from it. It is a strange place to be in to be really happy for someone, but to not want to hear about the source of the happiness because it is something that you want so badly yourself.

    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and your take-home baby!

  4. All the best for a wonderful 2011 with your new little one. (Go bionic cervix!)

  5. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you and hope you have a wonderful 2011. I've been following you since you were on the September board and think of you often.