Friday, April 15, 2011

Friends in High Places

You know what's a stinking miracle?

That my future baby's life might be saved because of the internet.  And that's literally.  No exaggeration.

If you remember, it was only after Trisha had her talk with Dr. Haney that I even started looking into incompetent cervix as a cause. I was quite certain it wasn't going to be that. Hell, I was positive.

So when first Dr. Haney, then my local MFM, then a third doctor at UCLA all confirmed that IC was very likely the cause of my loss, I was floored. And mad at the health care system. How could my very competent OB continue to call it a fluke?  After my last appointment with her, I was...well, not confident in my treatment plan for next time, but comfortable that there really wasn't anything else to do.   And I was so wrong.

If it wasn't for Trisha, I never would have even considered that IC could have been the cause of Caleb's death. If it wasn't for Trisha, I never would have found Dr. Haney. If it wasn't for Trisha, I wouldn't have my TAC right now.

Isn't that insane? It blows my mind.  And I know at least two people who have gotten TACs because of this blog, so the *literal* circle of life (living babies!!!!!!!!) continues.

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