Monday, February 8, 2010

10 weeks!

Hey! Megatron! Skeletor! Bean! Bowser! You're 10 weeks! This week, for some reason, I really started to relax. Our first appointment is tomorrow, and I'm still really nervous, but more than that I've just been SO excited to finally get to tell everyone this weekend! We're taking your Grandma Hanlon and Aunt Ana dinner on Valentine's Day, and I'm going to get a cheesecake that announces the news. I think. I was also brainstorming a few other ideas, but I think that's going to be the best one. Your Grandma and Grandpa Adkins already know [Um, okay. Now that's just weird. Grandma and Grandpa Adkins are MY grandparents. We might have to rethink this...Maybe Nona and Poppa or something for my mom and dad.] from my trip to the ER, but your aunts and uncle don't. We're telling them over brunch on Valentine's Day. And I think I'm going to work it into a game of Balderdash.

Chris has been DYING to tell his friends - it's actually really, really sweet. We just found out two of our friends (Joe and Rachel) are pregnant and due at the end of September! So they're a few weeks behind us, but told already - which has been killing Chris. Poor guy! It was also pretty sweet because we got invited to a wine tasting (the same one we did last year with Becky and Matt) and he asked, "Would you even want to go if you can't drink?" I told him that a few sips here and there - even a glass - is totally fine. His response? "What?? NO! You're not doing that! Don't take the chance!" He said the same thing when I was telling him about deli meat being "bad" but that I'd probably continue to eat it. I thought he'd be the opposite and think all the "rules" were silly and pointless, but no - he's already protective and careful.

I'll post an update tomorrow after our WAY TOO EARLY doctor's appointment. Fingers crossed!

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