Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aaaaaand we have a heartbeat!

Yesterday was our first appointment, and it was AWESOME. Or maybe it was super boring and I'm just so stoked about everything it seems awesome. That's entirely possible. Especially because looking back now, nothing too crazy happened. They took my blood pressure, weight, some family history, checked the placement of the uterus, and heard the heartbeat via doppler. We also decided to get screen for Cystic Fibrosis and get an NT Scan (aka 1st Trimester Screening). I'm pretty certain our risks for birth defects are low considering we have eight million children in our family with no issues (knock on wood) (no, I literally just knocked on wood) (like, for real). But if there is something, we'd both need time to figure out what to do and how to adjust. And. Um. The NT scan is done by ultrasound. So yeah. It's a chance to see Koopa* again. And possibly looking more baby and less bean like! And if I'm being perfectly honest, that's why I want to get it.

After we were able to hear the hearbeat on the doppler at the doctor's, I immediately went and bought one of the home ones. It arrived today, and to my delight, I was able to find it! I am pretty excited to get to listen to it whenever I want. In fact, I'm even [blush] thinking about taking it to work tomorrow, just because I can. If I get proficient at it, maybe I'll take it to the parents' when we made the big announcements.'s pretty, um, low. I'd ahve to cover up with a blanket or something, unless they all want a show. Which, you know, with the Hanlon philosophy of keeping it in the family, they might enjoy. No! Ewww!

What? You want to see for yourself? Okay!

Wait, what do you want to see? The show? Or the heartbeat? Because if it's the hearbeat, fine, but if it's the show....I charge.

Presenting...our baby's hearbeat at an awesome 165 bpm.

Four more days until the big reveal and nine more days until 12 weeks! Can't wait!

* Does Koopa work? Like the turtle things from Mario? I hate using Bean. And I think they kind of look like those turtles sometimes. I've been experimenting but nothing sounds right. Including Koopa.

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