Monday, July 19, 2010

Gdamn it.

They're having a boy. Of course. Of freaking course.


  1. i get it too....and i don't get it why it really matters: it hurts that they are having a baby, but it hurts more when it is boys...grrrr

  2. It still hurts when pregnant people in my life have girls...

    Odd though when I was pregnant with my rainbow that I was hoping for a boy. In my mind, I think I would've compared Lily with the new baby for all eternity...


  3. Everyone is having boys here too. 8 boys vs 1 girl since our son died.

  4. I just read your story on Faces of Loss Faces of Hope. I'm so sorry for your loss. I was in tears as I read your story. We lost our daughter stillborn at 26 1/2 weeks, she had trisomy 18. I can so relate to being dishearten when someone announces they're having a baby and even more when it's a girl and it's been 4 girls and 1 boy so far. We're ttc now too and I write about it on a private blog which you're invited to read at: Were at the 2ww right now so we'll see.