Saturday, July 3, 2010

No, that's not comforting...but thanks?


Telling me, "Well, at least you can _____________* now that you're not pregnant!" is in no way a comfort to me. I hope you realize that I'd give up doing ___________ for life to still be pregnant? I know, bright side and all, but really all that does is remind me that I'm not pregnant any more. Truly, a hug and an "I'm so sorry" is sufficient. I don't need to be told that God has a reason (unless he's personally told you the reason for this happening?? In which case, I'm all ears!). I don't need to be assured that "at least you know you can get pregnant!". I don't need you to assume that something was wrong with the baby (there wasn't). Don't tell me that it wasn't the right time or that maybe God is pushing me towards adoption (unless, again, you've spoken to him personally? In which case might I recommend a talk show?).

Just a hug is fine. Really.

*Drink, have sushi, go on vacation, go on roller coasters, scuba dive (um, I live in Nebraska...?), do a headstand while snorting cocaine, whatever.


  1. I know girl, I have had so many awful things said to me. I'm sorry you have too.

    Thinking of you. Hoping you have a peaceful weekend!

  2. You forgot about calling a hooker to do that coke off can do that now! I can honestly say thanks to you (and a few other awesome gals) I have never, nor will ever, utter that phrase "well at least you can....". The whole "Well, at least you know you can get pregnant" is b/s and a cop out. I'm sorry works just fine!

  3. UGH, people can say the most ridiculous things when they're trying to come up with the "right" thing to say. People, relax! I'm sorry is enough!