Friday, January 22, 2010

8 weeks and counting!

Ok, beaner, I've about had it with your antics. I was (am) so, so, so excited to reach the 8 week milestone...and you have to temper it with spotting? Really? Baby, I don't even know you yet, but you're being kind of a jerk to your mama. Are you just preparing me for when you're a toddler and you are falling down stairs and being so contrary? Because it worked...I'm ready! Now how about smooth sailing the last 32 weeks? Please? Pretty please? I promise lenience when I catch you sneaking out at 18! A pony when you're 12. A cell phone* at 8. Ice cream every day for dessert! Just BE GOOD!

I love you, little dude or dudette. Just keep growing, all right? Do we have a deal?

* Or whatever new technology your generation is into. A teleporter device, perhaps.

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