Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seven Weeks!

Ugh. Little peanut, sweet pea, embryo, are really starting to make your presence known. I don't know if I'd call this morning sickness per se, but you are definitely making me feel OFF. Weird tastes in my mouth, a kind of three-hour-old-hangover feeling, constant thirstiness followed by constant peeing, lightheadedness here and there....all supposedly normal. Also, I feel like I haven't slept in six months. SO TIRED. All daily reminders that I have an alien being growing inside me, who has already multiplied in size by 20,000 since they day it was created. That's like....dude, that's like supernatural. If that happened to you outside my body you'd be a total freak.

Seven weeks today! I HOPE. I am keeping my fingers crossed SO HARD that I'm not going to get to the doctor's office and have them tell me I'm two and a half weeks behind where I thought I was. I would cry. This is already taking forever without having to go back in time two weeks!

I get these weekly pregnancy updates from a few different websites, and they're all over the place. One says we're on week seven, as I'd expect. Another says week eight, because once you hit seven weeks you're in your eighth week. Another says six weeks, because I suspect they can't count.

God I hope you're seven weeks. Or further! I'd love to get to my first appointment and have them say, "Lara! Surprise! You should be having this baby in the next 48 hours!" Man, that'd be awesome.


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