Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby, this is your first warning!

Don't SCARE me like that!

Last night, I had some really sharp, stabbing pains in my lower left side yesterday. I was a little worried, but thanks to the online forums I posted in, my fears were assuaged. I finally got a hold of a midwife, and she said it was very likely absolutely nothing to be scared of, but that since I hadn't had a scan yet to 100% rule out early ectopic or anything else, that she'd like me to go to the ER for an ultrasound. Even then, I was still not too worried. Chris couldn't get off work, so I had my mama go with me. :)

Anyway, so I did all the preliminary stuff (blood pressure, blood drawn, etc) and then the doctor came in to give me a pelvic exam. During the exam he found the source of the pain (when he pressed, it was tender) but couldn't link it to anything specific. Afterward, he told me that he saw some blood up around my cervix and said he was going to be blunt - that wasn't good and that's not normal (which is contrary to some of the things I've read, but I'm sure he was trying to prepare me for the worst). The pain alone could mean nothing, and the blood alone probably upped the chances of a miscarriage by another 20% or so, but the pain with the blood probably put it closer to the 50% range.

So I still had my ultrasound left to do. After waiting what seemed FOREVER I finally got wheeled down to the ultrasound room, where the tech was super nice. She started with a belly ultrasound (I don't know the scientific name for them?) and I was actually kind of terrified, because all I saw was a big black hole. I thought I saw a second bean-looking thing inside it a couple times, but never was sure - and she never said anything like "That's your embryo!" Because it was so early in the pregnancy, she said she was also going to do an internal. With that one, she was able to point out the little bean, and....I saw the heartbeat. It was the biggest relief of my life, and I'm so glad my mom was there to see it for the first time!

When it came time to be discharged, the doctor said my bloodwork looked good and that everything was right where it should be for how far along I was (confirmed to be 6w5d, which is awesome because I was thinking I was around 7w but could have been as early as 5w). He said he's not sure what caused the pain, but not to worry too much about the blood unless I start bleeding fairly heavily. So of course at that point I felt stupid for going in, but he reassured me that with early pregnancy it's far better to be safe than sorry and he would have advised anyone to do the same - plus, the midwife took the decision out of my hands when she asked me to come in. So yay! Everything looks good and DOUBLE YAY! I got to see the little munchkin!

Good thing I was so happy when I got home, since the well-meaning but dense Chris said, "That's good! I knew you were overreacting." Darling, let me apologize for the boot that is about to be kicked up your ass. I think he was trying to make me feel better in a "I knew it was going to be okay" way, but failed miserably.

So here's the best thing I've ever seen in my life:

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