Sunday, February 14, 2010

My side - check!

Today we told my side of the family about the baby! My mom and dad already knew, of course, but Jared*, Jenna (and Chris), Kimberly (and John), Grandma and Grandpa Nussrallah [which spellcheck is trying to correct to Tallahassee], and Grandma Adkins all came over for brunch and they had no idea. After we finished eating a delicious breakfast of pancakes and we were all just sitting around talking, I brought out a cake that I'd made and decorated that said, "We're pregnant!" Because it was heart-shaped and this was on Valentine's Day, everyone just assumed that it said "Happy Valentine's Day" without reading it...until Chris K. read it out loud. "We're....pregnant??"

And at that point there was pandemonium - Jenna squealed, Kimberly kept shouting "WHAT? WHAT? FOR REAL?," and Grandma N had a huge smile on her face. It was completely amazing to finally share the news with everyone. I also called the aunts - Mary Jo (squealed so loudly you could hear it across the room), Theresa (ditto MJ), Carol (who pretty much already knew), Leslie, and LeAnn.

*Jared wasn't actually there for the big reveal - he was still at work. So when he arrived, I brought out the cake again, and he just said "Oh. That's cool." WHAT? We expected far more out of our usually over-the-top brother. So we made him do it over again. The second time he came in with his hands over his mouth and started screaming. Dork. He says it was because he already suspected after I didn't feel well last Tuesday and I was so eager to make sure he was there, and claims he even told his coworker, "I have to go to breakfast with my family so my sister can tell us she's pregnant." The intuitive jerkface.

We're telling Margi and Ana tonight. I expect more screaming!

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