Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last picture

While uploading the pictures from Aruba, I discovered the last picture of me pregnant, taken four days before my water broke and nine days before Caleb was born:

I have such mixed emotions while seeing it. One, holy belly, Batman! I didn't remember it being so large - I guess because it grew over five months. But seeing it reinforces the fact that I WAS pregnant. Sometimes it feels like a dream, but looking at the picture, seeing myself with a pregnant stomach...yes, I was. Two, since I didn't realize I'd been so belly-licious, I didn't realize my body had already changed so much since giving birth. Compared to that I'm supermodel belly flat. Of course, compared to a supermodel, I might as well still be five months pregnant, but still. Three, I wish I'd known everything that was about to happen so I could prepare. I never got to take a 19 week picture. I was on bedrest when that milestone came about.

Check out the difference between 17 and 18 weeks...Caleb must have had a growth spurt that week!

Sigh. I miss being pregnant. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just not wishing or praying hard enough for this all to not have happened and to still be pregnant. I'd give up everything I own to have him safe in my belly again.


  1. I am so right there with you! I would do unspeakable things to have our Baby Girl back! You were a prcious pregnant Momma and I am praying you get to experience it again soon!

  2. I am wishing for baby dust for us this summer so we can both be pregnant again. Being overweight I hated my growing belly. I didn't want it to be any bigger than it already was. But I miss it so bad too.

  3. Your blog is wonderful, keep writing Lara. Hold onto those little slivers :) Lunch was great today!