Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost with no answers

Ha! I tricked you. Based on the post title, I'm sure you thought this was going to be another sad, from-the-heart post.

Well, it's kind of from the heart. If writing about the ending of the show I watched faithfully for six years counts.

And to recap, I'll just say:


Seriously, writers. I've seen "Titanic." I realize that you just ripped the end scene in the sideways world straight from the last scene in Titanic. Titanic: Rose returns to the ship, walks down the stairs to see everyone who died when the ship went down waiting for her, she shakes hands and hugs, there's a bright light, and end scene. Lost: Jack goes to the church, walks in the door to see everyone who was on the island with him waiting for him, he shakes hands and hugs, there's a bright light, and end scene.

I did like the way the story ended on island time, with nearly the exact same scene as the first scene in the pilot episode played in reverse.

But could it have been more open-ended? What happened to the six who escaped on the plane? What happened to Hurley and Ben? Just...WHAT HAPPENED????

UGH. I feel like the sideways ending was such a cop out. Lame.


  1. Don't get mad at me, but I've never seen Lost! eek, I know!...but I totally hate it when stories end like that too! Closure would be nice!!

  2. I am going to watch it again today. So even though all if it happened they are alive and well back at home?