Thursday, August 19, 2010

I think I'm going to do it!

Where it stands right now is.....

I think I'm going to do it. Almost everyone I've talked to has expressed the same thought I have: "Better safe than sorry." If a (fairly) minor surgery is what it takes, then it's a small price to pay. I keep reading story after story after story about TVC (the vaginal cerclage) failing, especially when it's placed on an emergency basis. Apparently your cervix can tear right through that sucker. Who knew?

I keep thinking: if I don't get it placed and something happens, I'll never forgive myself. I'll blame ME for losing another pregnancy, or if my child has health problems from being a preemie, or anything like that. But. If I got it placed and NOTHING happens, and I have a successful pregnancy, I'll never know whether it's because the first time was a fluke or if it was because the TAC (abdominal cerclage) worked. Obviously, since the TAC was the only thing that would have changed, I'll assume it was that. Therefore, I won't be able to regret having it placed. Does that make sense? And if, God forbid, I had another loss after it was placed, I'll know that I would have done everything I could have done to prevent it. In all those scenarios, the only time I come up with any possible regret is if I DON'T do it. So I have to do it.

Granted, something could go wrong with the surgery itself. I could have a bad reaction to some part of the it, but the risk there is so minimal I can't consider it. I've gone under before, and generally they say if you've done it once without issue you'll be fine in the future. And Dr. Haney is one of the few doctors in the world who is an expert at this, so I feel 100% confident in him doing the surgery.

Dr. Haney has another Omaha patient who was cared for by the team at the other big hospital here, and I called that MFM team today and they are willing to take me on - and support the TAC decision - once I am pregnant.

So if a C-Section is what it takes to get our take home baby...well, then my husband can just thank his precious-vajayjay-not-ripped-up-from-vaginal-delivery stars.

Now all I need is to get the surgery scheduled and to get knocked up!


  1. I'm happy you came to a decision! Did you check out that blog that I sent you yesterday?

  2. Bless you and your husband. You've been in my thoughts. I think that's the choice I would make too.

  3. Lara I'm happy that you and your husband agreed on this decision. I hope everything goes well with your surgery and you get your take home baby very soon. You'll be in my thoughts.

  4. Good for you! I hope everything goes well. My recovery from my c-section was much easier than I thought it would be. Praying all goes well for you:)

  5. So so glad you are going this route.

    I emailed Dr. H and haven't heard back from him. I want to get it scheduled ASAP as I really don't want to go longer than 10 weeks if we can avoid it.

    As always, wishing you the best!

  6. Wishing you well, Lara! It sounds like the decision I would make if I were in your shoes. Tons of luck coming you way! xoxo

  7. Yay, Lara! I'm so glad to hear you're getting TAC'ed!!!!! Mine is coming up fast and I'll be sure to blog about it in detail for you. :) - Trisha