Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Man with the Plan

So, like I said in my previous post, my surgery is scheduled for September 30. I have to report to the hospital at 6am (SIX. A. M. Gahhhhh.) on Thursday the 30th. I'll be there overnight and discharged Friday, then we'll come home Sunday (I mentioned this is all going on six hours away in Chicago, right?). I should be able to resume normal activities about 10 days later.

It will be similar to recovery from a C-section, only without the trauma of just having pulled an 8lb baby out of the incision. On the downside, you also don't have a cute newborn to distract you from the fact that there are staples. Staples in your stomach. Where no staples should ever be. Maybe I'll put a bib on Riley (our 100lb hound dog) and pretend that he's a baby. That's veering off into towel-baby territory, isn't it? I'll just take a step back from that statement now.


After all my worries that Chris wanted to wait an extra month or two before we started to try again, he DID decide that he was on the bandwagon to FWP last month (FWP = my favorite baby-making acronym: 'fucking with purpose.' Be sure not to put a typo there and type 'fucking with porpoise,' which is an entirely different animal. Literally.).

Sadly, the much-despised Aunt Flo is here, so month one of trying to conceive is a bust. That's probably a good thing since Chris spent much of the time in the week before I ovulated drinking with his buddies,* and I'd prefer a non-flipper baby...but now that I say that I'll absolutely take a flipper baby if that's what I get. Hey, he'd be a great swimmer, right?? We're not waiting until after the surgery to keep trying for a baby, however. If I get pregnant between now and then, we'll just push the surgery back until I'm 10 weeks along, which is when they prefer to perform the procedure if you're doing it during pregnancy.

T-minus 36 days. Whooo!

*Chris was actually pretty cute when he realized that we'd been trying that week - he freaked out a little that he'd gone to a bachelor party and told me that next time I needed to let him know beforehand so he can not drink. Which is a pretty generous offer considering his work has beer Fridays. My work doesn't have beer Fridays. I want my work to have beer Fridays, and then I want to NOT be able to participate because I'm knocked up.


  1. Hi Lara,

    I've been following quietly for awhile now. I'm so sorry for all that you and your husband have been through.

    I want to say thank you for making me laugh today. The imagery that "fucking with porpoise" conjured up made me burst into laughter. It is certainly not something one imagines very often. Well, I'm sure someone somewhere does but that is between that person and PETA.

    Good luck on your surgery. I hope all goes smoothly.


  2. The towel baby thing is pretty darn disturbing. I'm so glad to hear you're prepping for the TAC. The time is coming up FAST for both of us!!!

  3. I was thisclose to start planning a trip to Chicago (4hrs away) when I realized I will already be out of town that weekend. Yes, I was going to come and butt in on your surgery weekend.

    Oh and I'm never going to see FWP the same every again. :-)

  4. Eeeek. I'm calling Justin tomorrow to get my surgery all scheduled.

    Chicago is about 4 hours away from us via train. We shall be bionic together my friend .. all in due time!

  5. I'm wishing you the best of luck on your surgery! What hospital are you going to in Chicago?

  6. Stephanie, it's at the University of Chicago Med Center.

  7. Lara-

    Did I see that you're from Omaha? I'm also from Omaha, and my husband and I have been through a similar (definitely not the same) situation. When I pretty much have an incompetent cervix, although the doctors are hesitant to come out and diagnose me with one. Our first son was born at 24 weeks and lives 99 days, and our second was born at 29 weeks and is now 2 years old. We're starting to think about #3, and I'm REALLY interested to hear about how your TVC goes. If you don't mind, I'd like to know what hospital you're working with, and which doctors are talking to Dr. Haney.

    Good luck with everything!