Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's the final countdown!

When I wrote that title I had this song in my head. I feel like you should, too. So listen, and once it's firmly implanted, come back.

The doctor's visit on Friday was entirely uneventful. They reviewed the HSG results and the CT scan results and, based on the opinion of several different doctors, the test results were normal. It looked like there was a slight dip due to the positioning of the uterus, but after review they determined there was not. My uterus is tilted/retroverted fairly significantly.* That CAN cause problems if it's locked in that position, but during the exam she was able to move it, so that shouldn't have been an issue in my loss. A tilted uterus isn't considered a defect, per se - just a normal variant on the positioning, as something like 30% of females have it. So nothing in the scans came back abnormal, and all of the bloodwork came back negative (with the exception of hetero MTHFR, which again is fairly common - it happens in about 40% of the population - and also shouldn't have been an issue.).

The consensus? A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, shitty piece of luck. A fluke. My doctor is confident it won't happen again - though, as we learned last week, that isn't a guarantee. All I can do is hope and pray it doesn't.

We're cleared again to start after two more cycles, and right now the plan is to do that. I can only hope that a) we get lucky and get pregnant again right away like we did with Caleb, and b) we get to take the next baby (and all subsequent ones!) home with us.

Fingers crossed!!!

*When this was originally started as a baby blog, I was planning on sharing this with my offspring so they could see how excited I was about meeting them. However, now there is 74% too much uterus talk for that to be feasible.


  1. I'm sorry that it was a fluke with what happened to Caleb, but in essence, it does give you so much hope for the future!

  2. Never enough uterus talk! NEVER! Congrats on the positive doctor visit, even if it's "no news = good news".

  3. Congrats on the great visit! "The Final Countdown" was our wedding reception entrance song. I also can't not think of Gob and Buster's magic show on Arrested Development when I hear it (you seem like you'd be an Arrested Development fan :)).

  4. I have a tipped uterus. I remember standing on my head to get pregnant :) That was over 30 years ago. It was more of an issue to get pregnant then to carry a baby. I keep you in my daily prayers.

  5. Ugh, isn't that so much fun! We were told ours was a "weird, flukey thing" too. It makes me so happy that I won't have much to worry about next time (medically speaking anyway, I know I'll be a freakin' basketcase regardless), but it just pisses me off that there's no real reason for what happened. so frustrating.
    I'm glad you finally had your last visit AND that you were cleared to ttc soon!! I just know your next baby will be your take home one and everything will be fine!

  6. This is great news!! As hard as it is to accept that what happened to our babies was a fluke it is also better than having major issues that could keep this dream from us forever. GL TTC!!!

    (I am going to print my blog one day for our kids, but I am going to edit which posts to share! Maybe you can do the same.)

  7. ((HUGS)) I'm so glad that everything came back normal--but I also know that it's not a huge comfort to be labeled a fluke.

    I hope that TTC and your next pregnancy go totally smoothly--you certainly deserve it!

  8. I'm so sorry you only had 20 minutes with your precious baby. Thinking of you, Hannah. Check out my babyloss blog: