Monday, June 7, 2010

Testing, test, 123

I had the hysterosonogram Friday. It was...interesting.

It started out normal enough. They injected the dye, I felt a bit of cramping - but not nearly as much as I'd expected - and they brought the radiologist in to read the results.

I was watching on the screen, and even I could tell something was weird. The uterus filled with the contrast dye, but then it kind of "bloomed" around the uterus and didn't stay contained inside it. That not only freaked ME out a bit, but it freaked the radiologist out a bit. He was a resident, so he called someone else over to look. No one was sure what was going on. They were confident they hadn't punctured the uterine wall, because the dye was coming out from all over and not just one place (and the doctor didn't feel the wand push through any muscle). As they couldn't figure out exactly what was happening, they had me put a giant towel between my legs to keep the dye in (TMI) and took me to have a CT scan. It was just like on "House"!! I felt connected to Hugh Laurie and his fake American accent for just a moment.

After the CT scan, the nurse sent me home and said they'd be calling with a follow up. It was a rather abrupt end to what seemed to be something fairly significant, but we dutifully packed up and left.

Not even five minutes later I got a call from the doctor asking if I was still in the hospital. I KNEW that nurse was giving me the wrong instructions! Luckily the doctor understood and went over the results on the phone. The "blooming," they thought, was just an enlarged vascular system. The blood vessels around your uterus expand to provide extra blood to the area while you're pregnant, but normally should have gone down to regular size by this time (8 weeks after delivery). For some reason, they didn't. She mentioned the enlarged vessels could be a possible infection and or could be a possible sign of endometriosis, but didn't elaborate too much (she sounded more on the 'just-taking-longer-than-normal-but-no-big-deal' side of the spectrum). She put me on antibiotics for the next week to combat any possible infection just in case, however. She also mentioned that she noticed a slight dip in the top of the uterus. She talked to the RE about it, and he didn't think it was significant enough to worry about, but she said she might want to do an endoscopy (laparoscopy??) to investigate further since I did have a loss. She also ordered two more blood tests and I didn't catch what those were looking for, but I had a couple more vials of blood drawn and am waiting on the results.

Speaking of blood tests, the results of the blood tests I had last week (or whenever...the appointments are blending together) came back all negative, except for MTHFR. I do have one copy of the gene, which means it's heterozygous and shouldn't be an issues at all. It's when you have two copies (homozygous) that it becomes an issue. I will probably take extra folic acid during the next pregnancy just to be on the safe side, though.

So I'm still hanging out kind of in the middle of nowhere when it comes to testing and the test results, at least as far as the HSG is concerned. Hopefully at my follow-up on Friday I'll get some more information and a chance to ask all the questions that consulting with Dr. Google has brought up.


  1. I hope you get some solid answers on Friday! I'm in the midst of lots of testing too (though I think our issues are totally different). I hate that I'm going through testing rather than coming in for my 30 week appointment this week, but I do like the feeling that we're moving forward. I've felt so stuck and this at least feels like we're "doing something" to prepare for the future. Thinking of you this week.

  2. I had two hsgs and they aren't fun...I pratically jumped off the table with the first one because it turned out that one of my fallopian tubes was a hydrosalphynx (totally not spelling that right!) I ended up having to have the tube removed...I hope you don't have endometriosis and that there won't be any barriers in ttc journey...

  3. This may be your "little" fix you wanted! Crossing my fingers that it isn't any more than that.

  4. Wow. Just wow. Just read your other blog and I am one tissue away from having to get another box. Im so sorry. So so. sorry. You have a beautiful story though and Im so glad you contacted me. Would you mind emailing me at omgmomblog at Would love to talk to you. God Bless baby Caleb!